The story of a plugin

In the beginning the man created CVS. And CVS had some precursors as well, and I don’t care about them as I’m not historian. Thing is only some spirit said, let’s create some software guidelines based on them: and there was Software Guidelines. Java EE software guidelines. Some other spirit saw many years later these guidelines, that they were good: and it wondered why doesn’t our actual code follow them. And it said, let the team create for each file an informational header filled with version-related information: and it was so. Continue reading

Tinkering with Clojure

Some day I read this blog post and thought to myself “why not Clojure?” …so here are my notes, after a dozen hours or so of tinkering with it guided by the famous tutorial of Mark Volkmann.

One thing hit me from the beginning. I’ve seen discussions on the net about what language syntax is more beautiful: semicolons and round brackets, or spaces and square brackets. What?! Come on, none is “beautiful”! Just another computery jargon you have to get used to. Since when is “beautiful” similar to adhering to some (self-inflicted) convention?!? Even the tutorial talks about “syntactic sugar” – which means in this context using “^(” …well no risk developing diabetes from that much sugar. Continue reading