Putting some masonry and infinite scrolling on top

(see previous posts for context)

But if I started adding jQuery to the project, how about a fancy effects thing to show me the datatable in a funnier way? Like a… masonry layout? You know, small boxes floating around and rearranging themselves?
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Thymeleaf and Roo AND Twitter Bootstrap – the missing code

(note: this is the missing part from the “Thymeleaf and Roo AND Twitter Bootstrap” entry)

Let’s rewrite index.html to make it more Bootstrap-like, the way the scaffolding document says.
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Castor JDO, are you still there?

There was once this great Java object persistence standard going by the name JDO. You had it really high level, no need for hacks to adapt it to non-relational databases (at that time nobody spoke NoSQL)… well, it didn’t really take off. Besides to the nearly-reference implementation of DataNucleus there was this Castor JDO. Castor does actually more than JDO but I already digressed too much. Continue reading