Due apology to USB-C

I never missed an occasion to complain about the faulty connector on my Galaxy S8 phone. A cheap knock-off cable wouldn’t fit at all, the more expensive originals would stay there only in that particular position or pressed at that angle and with a bit of magic… it best worked with the power cable of my new laptop but that was hardly something to brag about.

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Wishful thinking about a Tumblr API v3

Let’s say you want to read a Tumblr post information from their API v2. Nothing special at the first look, but beyond the obvious parameters, there’s an interesting one: notes_info. The API designer thought to make this optional (it defaults to false) as to not overload the server and cause unneeded traffic with all the likes and reblogs your requested post might have – especially if popular.

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Vue.js if you’re not a frontend developer

Say, you want a simple web page to show you in a nice way some JSON data you loaded from a REST API. Doing it with vue.js is easy: just npm and… heck no! You definitely don’t need to install and/or learn another server stack for a few scripts on your web page. Instead include simply the vue.js in the good old traditional way, here the development version (aka not minified and with useful console logging):

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