Packaging a Spring Boot application as Windows exe

I programmed once this handy tool to retrieve one-time passwords (too much insider knowledge for opensourcing it) and as soon as some teammates heard about it, they asked for a copy to spare them the zillion clicks the password generator needs. But… the tool existed only as a Maven project in my development environment 😦

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The story of a plugin

In the beginning the man created CVS. And CVS had some precursors as well, and I don’t care about them as I’m not historian. Thing is only some spirit said, let’s create some software guidelines based on them: and there was Software Guidelines. Java EE software guidelines. Some other spirit saw many years later these guidelines, that they were good: and it wondered why doesn’t our actual code follow them. And it said, let the team create for each file an informational header filled with version-related information: and it was so. Continue reading