AWS SDK for Java v2 – so simple they saved on documentation

The version 2 of the AWS Java SDK is much less documented than the first one. Okay it’s newer so there are less blogs and projects, obviously, but finding official code examples with v2 on AWS sites is a real struggle. Luckily, using the SDK has become much simpler and straightforward.

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Vue.js if you’re not a frontend developer

Say, you want a simple web page to show you in a nice way some JSON data you loaded from a REST API. Doing it with vue.js is easy: just npm and… heck no! You definitely don’t need to install and/or learn another server stack for a few scripts on your web page. Instead include simply the vue.js in the good old traditional way, here the development version (aka not minified and with useful console logging):

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How about OpenAPI descriptions and Swagger UI in your Java REST API?

I have this Quarkus project which uses basic JAX-RS annotations to generate your API, fairly basic and trivially simple. Yes that’s all Quarkus needs and it looks pretty much like Spring MVC or anything else. Now I’d need to create Postman test data and buid tests for all these endpoints or… or integrate it with Swagger – both to add OpenAPI style documentation AND to have a nice web GUI client to read infos and test them.

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