Putting some masonry and infinite scrolling on top

(see previous posts for context)

But if I started adding jQuery to the project, how about a fancy effects thing to show me the datatable in a funnier way? Like a… masonry layout? You know, small boxes floating around and rearranging themselves?
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Thymeleaf and Roo AND Twitter Bootstrap – the missing code

(note: this is the missing part from the “Thymeleaf and Roo AND Twitter Bootstrap” entry)

Let’s rewrite index.html to make it more Bootstrap-like, the way the scaffolding document says.
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My second step with Thymeleaf (migrating JSPX generated by Spring Roo)

((this is the second half of a two-part exercise, the first can be read here)

4         Navigation

4.1       Where’s the menu?

Right, the original application had a menu as well. What’s wrong with such a fragment to be added to blocks.html? Continue reading

My first step with Thymeleaf (migrating JSPX generated by Spring Roo)

(this is the first half of a two-part exercise, the second can be read here)

1         Before starting

1.1       Why all this?

I was never a great fan of Spring. Not a hater either, it just happened it came more often than not into my ways. On the other hand, I got to really appreciate Spring Roo for its scaffolding feature and thus the possibility to jumpstart a demo application in minutes. Continue reading