Integration tests = Cucumber + Selenium + Spring Boot

Let’s say you had this web application with nice unit tests covering the backend calculations, where people keep calling wrong calculations from the frontend. Microservices or not, it happens, so you’ll need proper integration testing. Let’s say the integration testing is a well documented but tedious two days job of clicking around. Understandably, everybody does their best to avoid it…

My answer was: how about we rewrite the integration test scenarios in the Gherkin almost-human-readable language, so we can use Cucumber to run them automated, simulating with Selenium the user browser actions! The supporting stack will be Java and Spring, actually Spring Boot, because you know all I have is a hammer….

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My second step with Thymeleaf (migrating JSPX generated by Spring Roo)

((this is the second half of a two-part exercise, the first can be read here)

4         Navigation

4.1       Where’s the menu?

Right, the original application had a menu as well. What’s wrong with such a fragment to be added to blocks.html? Continue reading

My first step with Thymeleaf (migrating JSPX generated by Spring Roo)

(this is the first half of a two-part exercise, the second can be read here)

1         Before starting

1.1       Why all this?

I was never a great fan of Spring. Not a hater either, it just happened it came more often than not into my ways. On the other hand, I got to really appreciate Spring Roo for its scaffolding feature and thus the possibility to jumpstart a demo application in minutes. Continue reading