Migrating emails from Notes to Outlook (or, programming for failure)

My huge archive of Lotus Notes emails started almost ten years back, and I stubbornly kept most of it around because of why not. Now that I use Outlook 2013 you can imagine I would have liked to have all of them also in my brand new email client. One sure could get some commercial software to do it, but why shouldn’t I try converting them myself? I mean, look, a simple drag and drop from Notes creates in Windows Explorer EML files and we all know EML is a very much standard format (RFC822 or so). Or at least that’s what I thought – Outlook 2013 thinks differently and will not import EML files. Only Outlook Express or Microsoft Live Mail can do that, but who cares about these anyway?? So what are my options?

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SoCraTes day in Zurich, 2015

Last Friday I attended the “Software Craftsmanship and Testing” conference. I said “last Friday” because it lasted only one day, unlike the typical 3 days format (including night stays)… but for me it was just enough, I cannot really afford the extended versions. This event brought together about 50 folks with all possible backgrounds – developers .net, Java, JS, but also devops people… really, everything. The “unconference” format meant at the beginning whoever wanted to propose topics did so by placing a note on the schedule table, and explained in a few words what his discussion topic is. Continue reading

Want a successful distributed Scrum team? Hire Chuck Norris.

A little time ago I went to an evening seminar thing, where a local company presented their successful Scrum way of working. They had also Jeff Sutherland invited, right, THAT Jeff! How could I miss the opportunity? So there I was and I must say it was pretty thought provoking. Let me add a bit of context: the doubt I brought with me to the event was that, well, we know the agile manifesto is saying to put people over processes but what on earth can you do when those ideal people are not with you? Even more, I somehow remembered everybody claiming agile was about having people clustered together, now Jeff was condoning with his simple presence something radically different… a must see event yet again. Continue reading

But he said it better

How does it feel to have all things you believe in confirmed by somebody completely unknown? I tell you, it feels great. It feels like “not alone anymore”, and we humans are such suckers for belonging to a herd.

And yes, it feels like there’s no need to spend time yourself explaining the world. Just offer the link, read, digest, and follow advice. Everybody will thank you for it, I’ve seen it already.

“Effective technical leadership” by David Byttow

Thank you, David!