The necessary evil

I attended last week an event organized by the local JUG chapter which starred a nice guy from “We are cube” (I wonder the background of this name). The presentation was called “Best Practices & Trends für gute User Interfaces” – that is “Best Practices & Trends for good User Interfaces” for those Denglish-challenged readers. On the event page you’ll find the slides to download, good-looking pages with a mobile app feeling (reminded me of Twitter Bootstrap). I reckon you won’t get much out of these slides because they are built the way the presentation experts recommend: lots of pictures and little text, thus without the context… well, still giving at least some starting points. I really enjoyed the presentation, it didn’t teach that much new but it underlined nicely the essential aim for our creations: to bring value to the users. But how well was the message received? Er…

A couple of months ago the overview of Spring 3.2 filled hundreds of chairs in an amphitheater, later the introduction to Vaadin was repeated due to huge request, and this event almost filled a room with… like two dozens programmer-looking folks. I wonder how many were forced by their employer to be there 🙂 Joke aside, one cannot but notice how the fascination for new shiny gadgets (Spring, Vaadin) completely tramples the interest for getting the product actually used, if not even liked. Well, that’s why some project hire UX specialists… and all the others should.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

PS: I really loved one question “what to do when the users ask for a feature which is known to be not needed?”. Homework: think what’s wrong with it…

(relinked from devioblog)

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